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Who am I and what do I do?

My name is Guilherme Costa.

With over 10 years of experience in Marketing, companies from the tourism sector reach out to help them make their marketing and communication efforts stronger and get better results. 

Basically, I make a diagnosis and create a therapy guide, bringing clarity and simplicity. 

I add value to brands with a creative and effective marketing strategy.

From concept to results.

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I got to know Guilherme as a very nice, warm and fun person to be with, him having a great sense of humor. He is incredibly creative and works fast, something we need in this industry. Whenever I was in need of some art, a photo or video, Guile responded promptly with high-quality work. I wish him all the success he deserves in his new endeavor.
Jeroen van den Bos
Hospitality Development and Expansion Manager, Member of ADHP
Guilherme is bright, very creative and has a natural ability for marketing, always looking at new ways to promote the company. He is a talented, hard-working, motivated and warm co-worker. It was a pleasure to work with him and he will surely add value to any organization.
Brigida Trindade
Sales Manager Algarve at Pestana Hotels
His understanding of the brand message and of the power of up to date, simple designs were very effective and helpful in the timely execution of all tasks. His knowledge of photography and videography quickly became an integral part of the team's core performance. His passion is certainly content creation, and he was capable of prioritising an increasingly complex list of daily assignments. Efficient in his work, punctual and able to work independently towards tight deadlines. I know he would make a valuable asset to any future project. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need further references.
Magdalena Osmola
Marketing Director at Vale do Lobo
I've heard of Guilherme through a friend, also a satisfied customer, and decided to give it a try. I was not wrong. His expertise in terms of branding and strategical advertising are everything we want in a marketing consultant. His ad campaigns worked flawlessly with our new website, also created by him and bookings were way more than what we expected. Thanks to him we are growing, opening a new shop very soon!
Owner of Roda Roda
It is with pleasure that I'm recommending Guilherme as an amazing copywriter and a great colleague. I find Guilherme a very creative person - always full of new ideas! He is also very optimistic and cheerful person, who loves teamwork what made it very easy and pleasant to work with him. What is more, I can state that his work was always done on time. I strongly recommend Guilherme to anyone looking for a unique copywritter with unusual personality!
Karolina Szmit
Digital Marketing Manager
I opened my restaurant without really knowing anything about marketing or branding, or storytelling. I knew I loved to cook. But that wasn't enough. After struggling to get clients I heard about Guilherme. He did a complete makeover to my brand! He found a voice I didn't know I had! New website, photos and videos, social media on the go! And now I'm fully booked for months! Thank you!
João Marreiros
Loki Restaurant

I can help you if...

You feel like you are running on the rat wheel.

You are running and not moving. You don't know where to find the answer and you feel like you are “going nowhere”.

You need to increase results.

You believe in your product/service but you don't see results.

You want to refresh the brand.

The brand is stagnant. Needs an update. Something fresh.

You long for clarity.

Complex problems can have clear and simple solutions.

You want to confirm an idea.

You want to find out if that is the way to go before moving forward.

You want more direct bookings.

You don't want to be dependent on TO and OTAs and pay more commissions.

You are looking for help in marketing.

You need someone to help you find the solution to communicate your business in the best way or you are looking for a new position.

You have difficulty communicating.

Your product/service is amazing, but you are looking for help to communicate creatively and effectively.

How does it work?

Step by step

Before we talk about tools, or solutions, let's go talk about problems. Let's do a diagnosis and ask – "Why?"
We apply the Marketing Strategy. We build what we have to build, taking into account the resources and capacity to do so.
When we identify the problem we look for a bespoke solution. We create a checklist and a guideline.
We measure results and analyze the impact of actions.


Some projects

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