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Creativity that brings results.

Who I Am

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.

– Séneca

Brand Diagnosis, for entrepreneurs and brands seeking a direction, a creative and impressive marketing strategy that minimises risks and increases the returns on investment. For those who looking for clarity in a moment of uncertainty.

My name is Guilherme Costa, I'm a Brand Strategist, welcome.

The L(Cr)azy Eye Creative

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Revenue growth for one client, in one year.


Global growth in direct hotel bookings.


Revenue increase, for one client, in one year.

I got to know Guilherme as a very nice, warm and fun person to be with, him having a great sense of humor. He is incredibly creative and works fast, something we need in this industry. Whenever I was in need of some art, a photo or video, Guile responded promptly with high-quality work. I wish him all the success he deserves in his new endeavor.

Jeroen van den BosHospitality Development and Expansion Manager, Member of ADHP

Guilherme is bright, very creative and has a natural ability for marketing, always looking at new ways to promote the company. He is a talented, hard-working, motivated and warm co-worker. It was a pleasure to work with him and he will surely add value to any organization.

Brigida TrindadeSales Manager Algarve at Pestana Hotels

His understanding of the brand message and of the power of up to date, simple designs were very effective and helpful in the timely execution of all tasks. His knowledge of photography and videography quickly became an integral part of the team's core performance.
His passion is certainly content creation, and he was capable of prioritising an increasingly complex list of daily assignments.
Efficient in his work, punctual and able to work independently towards tight deadlines.
I know he would make a valuable asset to any future project.

Magdalena OsmolaMarketing Director at Vale do Lobo

I opened my restaurant without really knowing anything about marketing or branding, or storytelling. I knew I loved to cook. But that wasn't enough. After struggling to get clients I heard about Guilherme. He did a complete makeover to my brand! He found a voice I didn't know I had! New website, photos and videos, social media on the go! And now I'm fully booked for months! Thank you!

João MarreirosChef at Loki Restaurant

I've heard of Guilherme through a friend, also a satisfied customer, and decided to give it a try. I was not wrong. His expertise in terms of branding and strategical advertising are everything we want in a marketing consultant. His ad campaigns worked flawlessly with our new website, also created by him and bookings were way more than what we expected. Thanks to him we are growing, opening a new shop very soon!

PauloOwner of Roda Roda

It is with pleasure that I'm recommending Guilherme as an amazing copywriter and a great colleague. I find Guilherme a very creative person - always full of new ideas! He is also very optimistic and cheerful person, who loves teamwork what made it very easy and pleasant to work with him. What is more, I can state that his work was always done on time.
I strongly recommend Guilherme to anyone looking for a unique copywriter with unusual personality!

Karolina SzmitDigital Marketing Manager

More than clients, partners.


Being crazy is seeing what is not there.
Being creative is seeingwhat could be.

Strategic creativity is not an art, but a carefully crafted process through a deep analysis of your business and your brand. It is, in reality, the search for simple solutions to seemingly complex challenges.

Simple solutions with extraordinary results.

  • Brand Diagnosis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Repositioning
  • Product/Service Launch
  • Concept Creation
  • Brand Creation
  • Marketing Direction & Oversight

Other impactfulsolutions.

  • Content Analysis
  • Marketing Actions & Campaigns
  • A/B Testing
  • Performance Analysis
  • Website Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Video & Photography

No Plans. Solutions made just for you. Check out our tools!

Find a solution

Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Heart: Mission & Action
  • Target Audience: Definition & Opportunities
  • Market: Position & Competitors
  • Identity: Definition & Positioning
  • Strategy: Actionable Planning & KPIs

Strategy Implementation

  • Action planning
  • Dedicated team creation
  • Guidance & follow-up
  • Resource potential
  • Performance Report

Concept & Brand

  • Target Audience
  • Objectives
  • Challenges & Opportunities
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Identity Design

Creative Content Creation

  • Copywriting (PT, ENG)
  • Content writing (PT, ENG)
  • Photography
  • Video
  • For websites, social media or campaigns

Creative Website Development

  • Institutional Website Creation
  • Online Store Creation
  • Personalised Branding Design
  • Easy to Edit & Manage
  • Website and domain hosting on your side

Digital Marketing Management

  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Google Suite
  • Newsletters
  • Performance Report

Grow Your Brand

Grow Your Brand

Grow Your Brand

Grow Your Brand

Grow Your Brand

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

More than words, strategies.


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Who and what is Guilherme Costa?

I specialise in Creative & Strategic Marketing, commonly known as a Brand Strategist.

I love finding the balance between communication, creativity, and results.

I have two Degrees, one in Languages and International Relations and the other in Communication Sciences.

I've been diagnosed with ADHD, so I think outside, around, and far away from the box.

At the University I founded the first Cineclub. I spent a year in Russia doing Erasmus Mundus as the first scholarship holder at the University, and the first Portuguese in the city of Izhevsk. I swam in icy lakes, felt the chilling -35ºC on my skin. I did Parkour for 12 years and was one of the first coaches in the world.

I love testing the limits of the possible and exploring new ways of doing things.

I'm afraid of the unknown, but I'm even more afraid of ignorance.

I worked in marketing agencies and on the client side. I worked with international brands and helped to increase revenues of millions of euros, as well as helping small local brands to grow and become references in their business area.

I am happy and married, father of a small child, which is the reason for wanting a better world.

What is Marketing Diagnosis & Strategy all about?

Like all business investments, marketing needs to have a strategy to leverage and maximise the return on investment. This is done through a holistic analysis and vision of the brand and the creation of a communication and commercial strategy.

Depending on the available budget, this is an in-depth session of exploration and diagnosis of marketing challenges, in the form of a meeting or workshop, which can vary from 4 to 16 hours.

Why do I need a Marketing Diagnosis & Strategy?

Imagine your brand as a mail package. When we are inside the box, it is very difficult to see the label glued to the outside, that states the destination's address.

I come from the outside, with an objective and macro vision, with an impartial opinion and extensive experience in Marketing, being able to state, that with the current label, where your package is heading, and how to change course.

This Marketing Diagnosis & Strategy helps you create, outline and organise an action plan.

It's important to have someone by your side to help you idealise the concept, communication and positioning, evaluating resources and creating a strategy based on a defined budget, with the aim of maximising the returns on investment.

Don't you have set prices or packages?

No! I believe that each company and each brand has unique challenges, so it doesn't make sense to have the same solutions for everyone.

I don't sell solutions without knowing you, you, the business, and the goals to be achieved. I believe that Marketing is an investment and not a cost.

The price is adaptable to the available budget of each brand, so that the solutions are adapted to the resources and not the other way around.